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Greater Manchester Environment Fund

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The Greater Manchester Environment Fund

Pollinating projects across Greater Manchester, helping them to grow.

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The Greater Manchester Environment Fund exists to bring great causes and great supporters together.

Our aim is to marry generous funding from philanthropists, private donors and compensation funds with exciting projects of every size across the city region.

Whether the project is a major restoration, a social prescribing initiative or a wildlife conservation project, the Greater Manchester Environment Fund aims to help projects that benefit the environment and communities in the Greater Manchester area.

Successful schemes already benefiting from our funding today include: Dove Stone on The Pennines, Phillips Park in Bury, Northern Roots in Oldham, the Rochdale Canal, the River Tame and Wild Stockport, helping wildlife such as golden plover, curlew, dunlin, willow tits, hedgehogs, bats, swifts, insects and pond life.

These projects mean rivers will be cleaned, hedgerows planted, new habitats created and connected, as well as improving education and mental health in our local community - everyone in society will benefit.

By bringing funding and ideas together, the Greater Manchester Environment Fund will create a seamless and cohesive pathway to improving nature in our region.

Just as in nature, we aim to create a harmonious cycle where great community ideas and generous donors work together in their shared desire to improve our local, natural environment.

We believe this is our opportunity to create a long-term, successful partnership which will benefit everyone including many across our region and beyond.

Greater Manchester Environment Fund, putting back nature at the heart of our communities. 

If you are seeking funding or are keen to fund a project for a greener Greater Manchester, visit our website at www.gmenvfund.org

About us

Welcome to The Greater Manchester Environment Fund where hopes for improving the environment in green and innovative ways can be realised.

This pioneering fund was created in partnership with The Wildlife Trust for Lancashire, Manchester and North Merseyside, and The Greater Manchester Combined Authority to bring together communities and funding bodies keen to channel their resources into addressing environmental problems.

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