Recycle for Greater Manchester Community Fund


£220,000 is now available targeted at Greater Manchester Community and Voluntary Sector groups and organisations to support projects that reduce household waste

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The Recycle for Greater Manchester Community Fund (2021-22) is a joint Recycle for Greater Manchester (R4GM) and SUEZ initiative to support Greater Manchester Community and Voluntary sector groups to deliver projects that help to reduce household waste in Greater Manchester. 

Funded projects should contribute towards,

  • preventing, reusing, or recycling household waste
  • promoting the sustainable use of waste and resources and
  • generating wider social benefits for the community of Greater Manchester.

The fund is supported through the profits of the 3 ‘Renew’ reuse shops. The Renew Shops will be based at household waste recycling centres located in;

  • Woodhouse Lane, Trafford
  • Boysnope Wharf in Salford
  • Arkwright St, Oldham

The shops sell pre-owned items that have been donated by local residents. They will accept any household item that is suitable to be reused, such as furniture, bikes, bric-a-brac, books, gardening equipment etc.

The fund is live now but please note there is closing date of 31st May 2021!

Key Dates

1st April 2021

Applications Open

31st May 2021

Applications close

By 30th June 2021

Evaluation of submissions

By 15th July2021

Funding offers to successful projects

By 30th July 2021

Unsuccessful projects notified

By 31st July 2021

Grants provided and projects commence

By 30th September 2022

Project evaluation report submitted

Who can apply for the funding?

Applications are welcome from Community and Voluntary Sector organisations (CVS) such as,

  • Registered Charity (charity number must be provided)
  • Not-for-profit organisation (defined as a registered legal entity that does not make a private profit for directors, members, or shareholders)
  • Community, Neighbourhood or Voluntary Group
  • Faith group delivering community work
  • School, College or University

How much funding is available?

£220,000 in total this year. There are two funding awards available:

District level award: This award is for projects that will benefit individual districts within the GMCA contract area (this excludes Wigan as they operate separate waste arrangements) with £180k of funding available. This will comprise of 18 x £10k Awards.

Greater Manchester level award: This award is for projects that cover all the GMCA waste contract area with £40k of funding available. This will comprise of 2 x £20k Awards.

This funding is focused on innovation and applications are invited from projects that are novel and involve a new and untried approach to tackling an issue in the key waste areas.

Scoring Criteria

Successful applicants will have identified how their projects:

  • Prevent, reuse or recycle household waste
  • Focus on prevention, reuse or recycling of at least one of the four priority waste streams
  • Engage and improve the lives of residents in the area covered by the project
  • Create volunteering opportunities
  • Generate wider environmental and social benefits
  • Can change people’s behaviour towards waste
  • Have potential to be scaled up and replicated across the GMCA area.

Please note Applications will be rejected if:

  • They are not submitted on the official application form
  • The shaded boxes on the application form are not completed
  • Maximum word limits on the form are exceeded
  • Monies will only be used to pay for running costs
  • Projects duplicate services which are the responsibility of a Local Authority managing waste  e.g. recycling collections
  • They deal with Commercial and Industrial waste, i.e. business or trade wastes or any other waste which is not household waste
  • They financially benefit an individual
  • They involve activities with political affiliation and aims.

Applications can be rejected if:

  • Full calculations have not been provided showing how you have estimated the projects outputs on weight, direct engagement, volunteer hours and costs
  • Awards are used to pay for activities occurring before we confirm funding

Please refer to the Guidance notes that can be downloaded here for more details and how to complete the application form, and there is also a walk through video available to watch.

The application form can be downloaded here


If you have any enquiries please email