Get on Your Bike

Get on your bike

The Manchester Bike Kitchen

About the project

PROJECT TITLE: Get on your bike

LOCATION: Trafford

FUNDING: Awarded £10,000 from the Recycle for Greater Manchester Community Fund (2021 - 2022)

PARTNERS: Community Bike Kitchen

The idea

The Manchester Bike Kitchen aim to recycle unused and old bikes to support their project delivery and donate working bikes to job seekers / students/ new cyclists to encourage more cycling.

They will also be stripping down unrepairable bikes to save bike parts that can be recycled via new ‘pop up’ bike parts events. So, if you need a new peddle, seat etc why not use a recycled part via their project for a fraction of the cost? As part of the project, they will be employing two trainee bicycle mechanics via the local Job Centre at Stretford Shopping Mall in Trafford where they are based. The project also aims to encourage more cyclists to fix their own bikes with bike maintenance workshops.

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