Great Manchester Wetlands Restoration

Great Manchester Wetlands Restoration

Image by The Wildlife Trust for Lancashire, Manchester and North Merseyside

About the project

PROJECT TITLE: Great Manchester Wetlands Restoration

LOCATION: Greater Manchester

FUNDING: Awarded £287,925 from the Green Recovery Challenge Fund

PARTNERS: Great Manchester Wetlands Partnership

The idea

This project is working to deliver a living landscape between two expanding urbanised areas of Greater Manchester and Merseyside. Through a programme of wetland and peatland restoration and citizen science, habitat improvements are being delivered, working closely with local landowners and land managers. Wildlife corridors are being created that improve access and recreation, providing wellbeing benefits for the wider community. 


This project is split into three parts: Wigan Wetlands, Chat Moss and Cutacre and will include:

  • Enhancing 455 hectares of wetland Sites of Biological Importance benefiting key species, whilst significantly enhancing their ability to store carbon. while delivering natural flood defence. The planned rewetting will create suitable conditions to reintroduce characteristic peatland plant species such as Sphagnum Moss to establish a functioning vegetation layer, whilst also delivering a natural flood defence. 

  • Creating a large number of volunteering opportunities, including Citizen Science surveying and practical habitat conservation.   

  • Creating and retaining jobs and traineeships to support the ongoing efforts.   

  • Building on progress made by partners in restoring sites and creating suitable habitat.