Wild Stockport

Wild Stockport

Image by Cheshire Wildlife Trust

About the project

PROJECT TITLE: Wild Stockport

LOCATION: Stockport

FUNDING: Awarded £117,595 from the Green Recovery Challenge Fund

PARTNERS: Cheshire Wildlife Trust

The idea

This project will aim to address the crisis in nature in urban areas. The project focuses on urban wildlife in Stockport with particular emphasis on hedgehogs, swifts and pollinating insects, such as bumblebees.

The Wildlife Trust team will:

  • Encourage residents to create wildlife gardens
  • Transform their neighbourhoods with hedgehog streets
  • Make homes for swifts in and around their houses
  • Create an iconic swift tower to put wildlife at the centre of the local community
  • Identify five local nature champions

This project will support local households, schools and businesses to bring wildlife back to their neighbourhoods and gives a chance for a wider range of people to experience nature and gain a greater sense of wellbeing as a result. These developments will lead to improvements to the physical state of the natural environment, which will be richer in wild plants and animals. The movement of hedgehogs between gardens will be supported, local people will be creating nesting opportunities for swift and well planned and maintained wildlife friendly garden in homes and businesses will support much larger numbers of pollinating insects thus supporting a greater biodiversity.