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Wildflowers at Clifton Park Salford by Salford City Council

Donate today and help the places you love

Your donation will make a real difference to Salford's parks and benefit the communities that use them.

Since the pandemic these spaces have become increasingly important for our physical and mental wellbeing, they have provided safe places to exercise, meet friends and relax. They also provide a haven for wildlife in an ever-evolving city landscape.

In partnership with the Lancashire Wildlife Trust, The Greater Manchester Environment Fund will work with "Friends of" Groups to ensure your donations will make a positive difference at the park you choose to support. Find out more:

Wildflowers at Clifton Park Salford

Wildflowers at Clifton Park Salford by Salford City Council

Clifton Country Park

Working in partnership with the Friends of Clifton Country Park, the Salford Ranger Team and the Salford Volunteer Rangers, your donations will help improve the meadows for wildlife by introducing a wider variety of plant species.

Donate to support Clifton Country Park's meadows
Plant borders at Parr Fold Park, Salford

Parr Fold Park by Salford City Council

Parr Fold Park

Donations made at Parr Fold Park will help support the creation of a natural swale (marsh) to help diversify the parks planting and also reduce localised flooding. Any work will be carried out in partnership with the Friends of Parr Fold Park who play an active role in supporting the parks management.

Donate to help support new habitat creation in Parr Fold Park
Path through the trees at Lightoaks Park

Lightoaks Park by Salford City Council

Lightoaks Park

Lightoaks Park is a well-loved traditional park with a play area, pond and mature trees. To encourage more wildlife in partnership with the Friends of Lightoaks Park, your donations will help to create a meadow within the park which will introduce more plants and wildlife.

Donate to help create a new meadow in Lightoaks Park
George Thomas playground in Prince's Park, Salford

George Thomas playground in Prince's Park by Salford City Council

Prince's Park

Prince’s Park is a popular park with lots of facilities for visitors to enjoy including a play area, skate parks, tennis courts and sports pitches. Your donations will help to bring more colour to the park through wildflower planting on the edges of some of the more natural areas.

Donate to support wildflower planting in Prince's Park
Person walking through Dukes Drive, Salford

Walking through Dukes Drive by Salford City Council

Dukes Drive

Dukes Drive has been transformed from an under-used greenspace to a thriving country park, it’s now a popular location to walk, run, relax and chat. Your donation will help to continue its transformation through introducing new plant species to the meadow which will support a wider range of wildlife.

Donate to support the meadows in Dukes Drive
Trees in Chimney Pot Park, Salford

Chimney Pot Park by Salford City Council

Chimney Pot Park (Langworthy Park)

Formerly a reservoir, Chimney Pot Park is raised above the surrounding houses and is a well-loved local park. The Friends of Chimney Pot Park would like to see a wider range of plants introduced to the area, your donation will help to make this wish happen and see new climate resilient planting within the park.

Donate to support climate resilient planting in Chimney Pot Park

Support for the opportunity to donate to park-based projects in Salford is being trialled at the above sites. If successful, the scheme may be rolled out to other sites throughout the city. QR code signs and donation units have kindly been funded through the IGNITION project.

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